Eurobolic Delivers Again

Friday 12 June, 2015

Eurobolic once again delivers. When I did not receive all of my last order, I simply notified Eurobolic and they resent the part of the shipment that did not make it to me within a matter of days.

If you doubt the authenticity of their products, do not. I am a 40+ year old male that has been treated for low T by my urologist for 7 years with topical T creams. Although some of the name brand testosterone creams have minimally boosted my T levels, now my insurance company will only pay for generic creams that have not worked well for me. Thus, the reason I shop at Eurobolic.

Having a background in biology and not being a bonehead, I realize some of the risk associated with hormone replacement therapy and as such have bloodwork done twice a year to monitor T and PSA levels. My T levels are off the charts with a Sustanon and Deca stack received from Eurobolic. With that being said, be smart and monitor your own levels with regular testing.

Thank you Eurobolic.

Testimonial By: Ronaldo — USA
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