Equipoise 200 mg - Boldabolic Injection by Asia Pharma EXP

EUR 139.00
EUR 109.00
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The vial is high quality amber glass, with a proper airtight rubber septum. There is a scratch off code on the package that lets you see the certificate of analysis of the batch on the Asia Pharma website. This is great as you can confirm your product is genuine, and being a scientist I understand all the details on the batch analysis and can confirm they are accurate.

The oil is of the right consistency, and after deep intramuscular injection it caused me absolutely no swelling, pain, or signs of infection, so it is definitely highly sterile.

I injected just 200mg on Monday evening and already I can feel my muscles beginning to take in more water and nutrients and swell, as well as my appetite increasing a lot as it does with boldenone.

Great product, smooth order process, very very happy with eurobolic and asia pharma.
Date Added: 03/18/2010 by Rupert

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