British Dragon verification

All British Dragon products are equipped with product verification (BD-PSS system) which enables the end user to check whether the product was actually made by British Dragon or not. This enables the end user to have the confidence in the product he has bought. If on the other hand the product comes without the verification number or the verification number is incorrect than the customer can be sure that the product he has received is counterfeited and dangerous to use. Never use an British Dragon product that cannot be verified! All British Dragon products shipped by are shipped in original packaging and include the verification number as supplied by the manufacturer.

Verification on British Dragon website is really easy and only takes 1-2 minutes. We kindly ask all customers who have bought an British Dragon product to verify the product at to make sure the product they have received is legitimate.

How to verify the product

  • remove the protection foil from the verification number found on the box of your British Dragon product
  • go to
  • click the link Authenticate product or go directly to Authenticate British Dragon product
  • enter the BD-PSS code found on your British Dragon product and add word verification code and click Authenticate - THAT's IT
  • if you have entered an incorrect number you will get a warning
  • if the number is correct you will get a message that your product is authentic British Dragon product and short product info and link to product info page

Below you can see a video of the whole verification process:

WARNING! The verification number seen in the video is valid but as probably a lot of people will try to check it it will show as invalid!

Press Play to start the video.

British Dragon verification video

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