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Eurobolic Delivers Again

Friday 12 June, 2015

Eurobolic once again delivers. When I did not receive all of my last order, I simply notified Eurobolic and they resent the part of the shipment that did not make it to me within a matter of days.

If you doubt the authenticity of their products, do not. I am a 40+ year old male that has been treated for low T by my urologist for 7 years with topical T creams. Although some of the name brand testosterone creams have minimally boosted my T levels, now my insurance company will only pay for generic creams that have not worked well for me. Thus, the reason I shop at Eurobolic.

Having a background in biology and not being a bonehead, I realize some of the risk associated with hormone replacement therapy and as such have bloodwork done twice a year to monitor T and PSA levels. My T levels are off the charts with a Sustanon and Deca stack received from Eurobolic. With that being said, be smart and monitor your own levels with regular testing.

Thank you Eurobolic.

Testimonial By: Ronaldo — USA


Tuesday 02 December, 2014

Great service. Quality gear, fast delivery. One stop shop here. Highly recommend.

Testimonial By: Wes

my order...

Tuesday 27 May, 2014

thanks, I have received all ordered., as usual, perfect

Testimonial By: pietro

Will deffo be a repeat customer

Thursday 03 April, 2014

First order & as most may feel not entirely sure how it would go - well it went superbly!! Items arrived promptly, known brand, well within expiry & no additional charges to be paid ;) :D Will deffo be a repeat customer! Thanks again :)

Testimonial By: Rich

The BEST site for high quality products!!!

Monday 31 March, 2014

I have placed 4 orders with Eurobolic. All have shipped timely and arrived within the time they told me. Amazing service, amazing products, amazing site! Eurobolic is by far the best supplier on the Internet. Will keep ordering and would not deal with anyone other than Eurobolic!

Testimonial By: Rob

Fast and trustworthy

Friday 14 March, 2014

I ordered the products Friday afternoon and they arrived Thursday morning, that's amazing for an international service! Eurobolic always delivers and I can wholeheartedly recommend them.

Testimonial By: Dale

British Dragon 10IU

Wednesday 05 February, 2014

British Dragon 10IU HGH is a great product and at a great price please continue to work hard at keeping it in stock I plan on ordering it a good bit thanks

Testimonial By: Marty — Removed

So far, so good

Wednesday 30 October, 2013

I have ordered twice from (admittedly a little nervous both times) I have gotten everything I ordered. A few small issues reared their head in the process and Eurobolic made good on everything in the way one would hope a stand up entity would. They have been a stand up supplier thus far. I will continue to use them.

Testimonial By: Keith


Monday 30 September, 2013

Part of my order didn't arrive so they offered to reship what I didn't receive. I ended up receiving all of my order thanks to them doing this for me! Would highly recommend this site.

Testimonial By: Vincent — United States

Legit and honest

Wednesday 18 September, 2013

I have ordered for 5+ yrs from EuroBolic. Products are legit as I am treated for low T by a urologist and undergo T labwork twice a yr. T #s r off the chart using Sustanon and Deca.. More importantly, last order never showed up. I never received a confiscation notice from Customs or anyhting, simply never showed. When Eurobolic was notified, they sent me a replacement shipment and I had in less than 2 weeks.

Testimonial By: RONALDO — United States

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